The Shluchim Group is a membership-based emergency fund for shluchim.

If a passing ר״ל befalls one of its members, each member contributes a one-time donation of $72 to the affected family, collectively providing one-hundred thousand dollars in relief funds. Through the power of numbers, we are able to provide immediate financial relief in a dignified and respectable manner.

Funds are collected only in the event of a tragedy; no regular collection occurs. No money is held or invested. 100% of the funds collected go directly to the family; all administrative expenses and processing fees are covered by sponsors. This is not insurance or an annuity, it is purely shluchim helping shluchim. It is completely free to join.

There are three ways to participate:

  • Become a member:
    To register as a member of The Shluchim Group, click here.

  • Sponsor a member:
    To sponsor a membership for a specific Shliach and his family, click here.

  • Become a donor:
    To contribute to each collection as a donor, click here.


  • The Shluchim Group is for shluchim and shluchos with at least one unmarried child under the age of 30. Membership is per family, and includes the shliach and shlucha; couples do not need to apply separately.

  • Each member will need to provide bank account or credit card information to be kept on file and automatically charged in the event of a tragedy ר״ל.

  • Each member will be notified via email prior to any charge.

  • Collections are capped at $72 a month. In the unlikely event that G-d forbid two tragedies occur in a single month, members will be charged the following month.

  • All decisions regarding disbursements are made by our International Board of Directors.

Our goal is to have enough members to provide $100,000 in relief funds. However, the Shluchim Group will be activated once it has a minimum of 500 members, providing $36,000 per tragedy.


International Board of Directors

All decisions regarding registration and disbursements will be made by our International Board of Directors, which is currently comprised of:

Rabbi Shamai Ende
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky
Rechovot, Israel

Rabbi Shmulik Greenberg
Vancouver, Washington

Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld
Eastern Shores, Florida

Rabbi Yitzchok Schochet
London, England

Rabbi Ari Shishler
Strathavon, South Africa